Saturday, August 24, 2013

Terry fox run event started aug 25

And it all set . Lots of young people are participating ..good atmosphere... initially where the run is going to happen later found its inside the iit campus .

Jayalalitha playing with money

Its happens only in Chennai ...destroy the money ... Admk use ur brain out money ....dont make heart of chrnnai a place of scrab 

Friday, August 23, 2013

The most polluted river .

Chennai one of the metropolitan city of India has a river which is most polluted most deadly. If some one have have to suicide, he only need to sit nearby the banks of the river, which will cause him unconscious and then to coma and finally die the best way to die . Its so embracement for me that most of the country is so beautiful so wonder full. India got independence and still the same way as it was like 60 years back ....its not the government alone its the people. Why did we get independance ...if british where here we would have developed more ..our country would be more beautiful ...more lovely what the f*** we got independace ... Its point to think guys ...its point to act .

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who is indian

I see all the people say "I am An Indian " but are the really . In every mnc people fight to go to United states or australia or europe but none want to stay in India why the hell if he is an indian they want to go india. If he is poor then it ok but the one who is rich also wants to go abroad . Even if they are second class citizen over there they like to go there . The point is not that alone, after going there they fight get PR or green card . Ok if they go there and earn money then they come its point , but they won't are they really Indian . Now they got the citizen ship then they again say I am indian, they are not only loyal to that country but also India.
I have no problem with them if you like America or other country say boldly I like America ...I say I don't like india ...guys we need to change as long as we support india . India will india you know whats the value of india out side ....there is no value one even like indians ...they say we are slaves ...our attitude has to has to be changed .

If your son is doing wrong you should point out other wise he live a miserable life ....Guy if you love really love india . Each one of you should point out the problem .

Heavy traffic at central station

Yet another failure from the gorvement of tamil na du total colabse of traffic in central . The ambulance came to halt . The who has to catch train not able to catch the train . The actual time to reach the main road from chennai station is 1 min but it took nearly 30 mind for one to reach the main road  for the people who had car...